Taroko National Park Trails ( Shakadang Trail )


Shakadang Trail 4.5Km/one way


Shakadang-3D Cabin (Sanjianwu)

Special features

It has the beauty of rocks and water,wild animals and

Ficus-Machilus forest ecology.

The platforms along the trail were built using eco-engineering techniques.

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“Your Exclusive Cycling and Hiking Experience.Only in Taroko Lodge “

E-mail : tarokolodge@gmail.com

Cycling Taiwan’s Taroko Gorge

About rihang

Taroko Lodge …… The Lodge environment is an independent natural and lovely park Close to the Taroko National Park Simple and comfortable room B & B Welcome to Taroko gorge in Cycling and Hiking … Taroko Gorge is called a hand-hewn from the road, but also Taiwan’s first road across the Central Mountain Range. Let the world a glimpse of the beauty of Taroko scenery. Welcome to E-mail Reservation Application …..rihangsu@gmail.com
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